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Rustles from the Meadow

Little Fawn - Needle Felting PDF DIGITAL PATTERN

Little Fawn - Needle Felting PDF DIGITAL PATTERN

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Learn to make a lovely little fawn with simple steps!!



- Learn how to make a squirrel through more than 100 instructional pictures.


- Level: Beginner
- Needed: basic felting skills, basic sewing skills

- Miscellaneous Materials.

- 28 Pages

- To print in A4 

-Digital PDF File


This pattern includes molds to dress it as a male or female! 




My Patterns are for personal use ONLY. You (the purchaser) may sell items made from my patterns as long as you give them your own style, not imitating mine. You can use my techniques teaches in this pattern for make your own figures, but be sure to give your own touch if you going to sell them. You are not authorized to manufacture or otherwise outsource the creations of products made from Rustles from the Meadow design patterns

Sharing this pattern is strictly prohibited. There is so much years of work and effort behind into each of my patterns and instructions. If people are interest in using Rustles from the Meadow patterns that you’ve purchased please always redirect them to my website for purchase their own.


It is forbidden to share and distribute materials of this pattern to third parties: - pictures, texts, pattern and other pattern information!
You can use my techniques to create your own creatures and characters but remember give them your own touch and style, this is also important to create a face to your own name.


You will need:  

    1. Powder free Vinyl Gloves no flexibles.
    2. Felt Sheet in Peachy Rose or Fawn color (for ears)
    3. Sponge or pad for felt.
    4. Pins
    5. Needle to sew and thread.
    6. Small high quality scissors

    1. Big high quality scissors
    2. Wool: Batting for body (white), Wool in white, Black, Beige or Sand (or just white) and the Main color for your Fawn, any copper or caramel color of your preference. (1oz each color is enough and exceeds)
    3. Any lace or thread and bell to hang or decorate your fawn.
    4. Wire, 24gauge,
    5. Polyethylene plastic bag (to work silicone on it)
    6. Ball stylus tool (5-6mm) for shape ears
    7. Wooden sticks
    8. Pliers
    9. Tape measure
    10. Felting Needles 42 gauge triangular (or what work best for you)
    11. Tweezers
    12. Fabric-tac Glue
    13. Glass eyes 7mm black solids



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