The creator behind Rustles from the Meadow

This is the place where all my magic happens. My day start in a chaos of ideas.
I have an hyperactive brain and I cannot stop creating. While Rustles from the Meadow is the face of my felted little world, I do a lot of more things behind. I’m a very shy, private, and a cozy homy person. I love grow my own food, sew my own clothes, cook, play guitar and sing (maybe soon I will release a couple of songs which I’ve been working the last years), writing, Illustrate and create worlds, I have several stories in which I’ve been working since my 18teen, and also lately I’ve been working and developing a couple of PC games with all the old style of Pixel Art that I hope to release one day soon! 

Thanks for be here!

Johana Molina

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Here you will find owls of different types and fungi of different sizes and colors, also some mammals and creatures invented by Guillermo. And of course the loved mushroom homes!!

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